Computer animation is a way you can provide living for your own paintings. It may be classified as 2d computer animation and animation. It is exciting to learn how to make a animated tune . In the last times people utilized to attract the photos of activities in sequence and were photo frame by frame. At the time of those days many animators had to operate even for years to complete the work of an cartoon movie. The animators perform the difficult key paintings which are then washed up from the clean up designers and then the in-between paintings are being completed. A good animator should be aware how his personality will respond or emote. Therefore a good animator should be a good actor too.

 When the time passed, with all the expansion of technologies, new techniques are already found out to produce cartoon movies. Right now various software's like Maya, 3ds Max, Toonboom and Flash are utilized to make animation films.

In traditional computer animation all of us used pen and document to create the actual characters while in modern computer animation we make use of the software’s and the computers.

While using the software programs Flash and Toonboom you can create 2d computer animation by creating the pictures digitally. The software programs Maya as well as 3ds Max are used to make 3d computer animation where you can model your own character and animate it. It is wonderful to find out your own characters move about in the three dimensional space. The character modeling in three dimensional computer animation looks like clay modeling.

At the time of the long run we have discovered various kind of methods towards computer animation. One of all these is claymation when figures are made from clay. Cutout computer animation is |an additional way of animation where level characters, qualification and props are utilized. These are minimize from various materials such as like paper and cardboard. Now, cut out type computer animation can be created utilizing computer systems also by

using scanned pictures instead of minimize materials. Skeletal animation is a way of Three dimensional animation and also 2d animation where a skeletal system is built is made in the fine mesh and the skeletal system is cartoon instead of the mesh. The skeletal system is done in a practical type by adding important joints. Computer animation is a very tedious job as we must create 24 structures} to get a 2nd} of computer animation.